Human Factors

MTI’s human factors engineering services are focused on helping you to provide your clients with an exceptional user experience.  How can you provide a product or service if you do not fully understand:

  • Who your users are?
  • What your users are like?
  • What your users need to do (or not do)?
  • How your users currently accomplish tasks?
  • What problems your users have in accomplishing their tasks?


If you cannot answer these questions, you will be designing and building the wrong product or service.

MTI’s human factors engineering staff has decades of experience in conducting human factors engineering analysis:

  • Mission Analysis
  • Task Analysis
  • Workloads/Workflows Analysis
  • Human Engineering Program Plan design (HEPP)
  • Usability test design and execution
  • Heuristic Evaluations
  • Observational studies/Field Studies
  • Online Surveys
  • Competitive Evaluations
  • CONOPS Development
  • Crew Concept Development


What makes MTI Different?  We conduct critical analysis tasks, but we don’t just hand you a report.  We provide design recommendations to your team based on our analyses that will help you deliver that exceptional product or service.

For more information on our human factors engineering services, please contact:

Dr. Glenn Osga

Business Line Director, Human Factors Engineering

(619) 993-4919