HSI Projects

Monterey Technologies, Inc. has provided long term, on-site support to NASA and DoD research labs providing human in the loop research support to programs aimed at integrating future technologies such as commercial aviation displays, enhanced helicopter survivability and targeting electronics, and cognitive decision aiding software.

We have worked with the Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC), Satellite communication programs (SATCOM), BAE Systems Land and Armaments Division, NASA’s Computational Fluid Dynamics group, and more to design crew stations and GUIs tailored to user needs with consideration of mission requirements, human performance capabilities, and applicable design standards.

Members of MTI’s staff have served as Principal Investigators for the U.S. Army’s Crew Station Research and Development Facility’s simulation task on the Rotorcraft Pilot’s Associate (RPA) program, an Advanced Technology Demonstration (ATD) program to apply cognitive decision aiding techniques to the next generation of Army rotorcraft.

MTI helps national and international defense aerospace companies fulfill Human Systems Integration (HSI) elements, such as DoD Instructions 5000.1, 5000.2 and the application of relevant standards such as MIL STD 1472, NASA-STD-300, and FAA Human Factors Design Standard. Our human factors specialists conduct user centered design (UCD) for military, government, and commercial systems, with a focus on Warfighter, operator, and user experience.