Medical Usability

Monterey Technologies, Inc. conducts formative and summative studies on Class II and III medical devices. We provide full-service usability testing and analysis capabilities including:

Initial requirements analysis:
We work closely with our client to generate protocols that address the goals of the research.

Test design:
We take a task-drive, interactive, reality-based approach to usability testing. Our testing approach is consistent with AAMI and FDA standards.

Data collection:
We execute laboratory and field tests, working with products in all stages of development, ranging from prototype to final product.

Post-test data analysis:
We have a strong foundation in evaluation methodologies. We isolate variables of interest, identify trends, and provide our clients with meaningful results.

We provide quick look results to our clients following completion of data collection. Following quick look, we provide a final report that addresses goals established in the protocol. Using graphic displays of data and detailed text, we address objective and subjective evidence of usability issues. Our reports also include root cause analyses, prioritized lists of usability issues, data trends related to user type, highlight videos, and user-centered directives in improving design.

Effective designs are achieved when the user’s needs become an integral part of the design process. Our team of Human Factors specialists helps our clients accomplish goals of effective design.

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