Commonwealth of Australia (CoA)

MTI has served as an “above the line” contractor – a similar role to a SETA (Systems Engineering Technical Assistance) contractor in the US – for the Commonwealth of Australia (CoA) since 1999 on the AIR 5077 Wedgetail AEW&C (Airborne Early Warning & Control) program. MTI systems engineering, human factors engineering, and subject matter experts have been continuously providing technical support to the CoA in Australia, and at Boeing project facilities in Seattle and Oklahoma City, ably representing the CoA’s interests on a wide variety of technical issues, ensuring that the CoA is getting avionics systems on the Wedgetail aircraft to work the way they are supposed to work and meet the contractual performance requirements. MTI has supported the CoA in both prime and subcontractor roles over the past 18 years.

MTI provided multiple technical personnel to the Australian RPT (Resident Project Team) in Seattle from 2001 through approximately 2011 when the CoA shut the RPT down. MTI continues to provide this technical support to the CoA in Seattle after the closure of the RPT, as the sole Seattle-based technical support activity on the Wedgetail program, reporting directly to the Wedgetail SPO (System Program Office) at RAAF Base Williamtown, NSW, Australia. As Boeing began to move its military programs from Seattle to Oklahoma City, MTI expanded technical support to include an office at the Boeing facility in Oklahoma City, where we continue to provide direct technical support to the CoA on the Wedgetail program.

MTI has also provided direct Wedgetail program support in Australia. This work began in September of 2000, where MTI provided technical personnel, human factors engineering expertise and SME support in Adelaide, South Australia, at the DSTO (Defence Science & Technology Organization) facility, where MTI personnel assisted the CoA in the development of Wedgetail performance specification documents. MTI provided further assistance directly to the Wedgetail SPO at RAAF Base Williamtown from 2005 through 2007, where MTI provided engineering and SME personnel, specifically assigned, in country, for two years to support the Wedgetail program.

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