Project Description

Mission Planning

Monterey Technologies, Inc. provides mission planning software solutions based on our Visual Planning, Execution and Review (ViPER) suite of capabilities. ViPER is an adaptable toolset that enables planners to pull together information from distributed sources, integrate all considerations in a single application, and rapidly transition from sketching to execution.

Core capabilities of ViPER for all applications are:

  • Scalable from Operations Center to Unit-Level planning
  • Fully integrated temporal and geographic views
  • Interfaces to external data sources
  • Course of Action (COA) sketching
  • Animated plan rehearsals
  • Management of competing priorities
  • Automatic brief building
  • Computer assisted planning
  • Instant metrics for plan comparison

Our baseline ViPER mission planning tool could have applications for a number of different government planning applications, including DoD, FEMA, Coast Guard, and NOAA. ViPER could also be used on numerous commercial logistics planning applications, such as oil companies scheduling services for oil rigs in the gulf.

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