Brice McKalip

Director of Finance

Brice has over 10 years of experience setting up high growth organizations with the systems, tools, and financing they need to grow.

As Monterey Technologies’ (MTI) Director of Finance, Brice oversees multiple finance functions, including GAAP reporting to shareholders and pricing contracts designed to deliver long term customer success. One of the many tools he’s incorporated to optimize MTI includes the Jamis Prime ERP system.

Some noteworthy achievements from previous roles include: implementing order-to-cash cycles for novel revenue streams such a Bitcoin, cyber insurance, retail payments, asset escrow, and low power comms using hardware, service, and SaaS models; designing the world’s first SOX compliant Bitcoin custody system in a Fortune 500 company; and changing Intel’s IP indemnification strategy to remove it from the crosshairs of WiFi standard patent trolls.

In terms of Brice’s business acumen and relevant competencies, he recognized, early on, the silo-busting value of financial planning and analysis (FP&A). For example, one of his favorite stories to share involves a routine warehouse inventory check that ended with the discovery of two additional buildings full of assets that hadn’t been accessed in years—it bore a striking resemblance to a scene from Indiana Jones. Fast forward two years and $400M in equipment sales later, he had transformed a warehouse housing forgotten objects into the world’s largest source of 4” and 6” semiconductor parts.

When it comes to what drives Brice, he attributes his career success, development, and continued growth to insatiable intellectual curiosity, advanced finance skills, and the capacity to build meaningful relationships.

Before making his way to the office each morning, he gets to look out at the Olympic Rings in Park City, Utah while sipping a cup of Joe.


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Brice McKalip

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