Robert M. Chamberlain

Chairman, Monterey Technologies, Inc.

Mr. Chamberlain has over 40 years of business experience in a variety of business areas. Mr. Chamberlain became a Naval Aviator after graduating from Colgate University with a degree in economics, and is a retired Navy Captain, with over 3400 hours as a mission commander in the E-2C aircraft, and had four Commands while serving as a Naval Officer. Mr. Chamberlain has worked for large corporations (Lockheed Martin, CH2M Hill), and small companies (Flight International, Inc., Veda, Inc.), and has participated in several new start-up companies.

Mr. Chamberlain is currently the Chairman and owner of Monterey Technologies, Inc. (MTI), a 38-year old Small Business specializing in Human Factors Engineering (HFE), Human-Systems Integration (HSI), custom mission management system development, and supporting product design teams on complex hardware and software systems development programs. MTI currently works mostly in the Federal Government sector, and contracts with the Navy, Army, Air Force, NASA, FAA, and the Australian Government. MTI also subcontracts to several large prime contractors, including Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, Boeing/Tapestry Systems, SciTec and Raytheon. MTI’s private sector work is focused on user interface design, usability testing, and software development.

MTI has worked on a large number of product design projects with a focus on human-machine interface design and human-computer interaction. MTI staff members are typically masters or Ph.D. level experimental psychologists, cognitive psychologists, UX/UI designers, systems engineers and software engineers. MTI human engineering professionals translate the understanding of human behavior into the design of technology to better match product design to the needs of user groups, and to make products easier for humans to understand and use.

Mr. Chamberlain currently resides in Park City, UT.


bob chamberlain

Chairman, Monterey Technologies, Inc.



Monterey Technologies, Inc.
1790 Sun Peak Drive, Suite A203
Park City, UT 84098

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