Tony Ciavarelli

Senior Human Factors Engineer

Dr. Anthony Ciavarelli has over fifty years’ experience across a broad range of technical disciplines, including human factors engineering, military aircrew training development, human interactive system design, simulation training, and human performance evaluation. His expertise includes, instructional systems methodology, education and training effectiveness evaluation. Dr. Ciavarelli’s experience in human factors engineering and training system development was acquired in over twenty years working as a human factors engineer, and behavioral scientist in the Aerospace and National Defense industries. As a professor Applied Psychology, Dr. Ciavarelli taught classes in Scientific Methods, Statistics, Human Factors Engineering and Training Simulation. Dr. Ciavarelli is internationally recognized as a leader in the field of human performance measurement and organizational climate and safety culture assessment. He has held senior administration positions in industry, including the management of R&D product development, and as an appointed Academic Dean of university education. Dr. Ciavarelli has served as a national and international expert on advisory committees, sponsored by the Department of the Navy, the National Academy of Sciences, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Federal Aviation Agency, the Department of Energy, and the National Academy of Sciences.

Selected Technical Skills

  • Systems Analysis – system requirements and advanced conceptual design
  • Operational Mission and User Task Analysis
  • Human – machine interaction and crew communication analysis
  • Training Requirements Analysis, and
  • Human Performance Measurement and Training Effectiveness Evaluation
  • Survey Development and Validation
  • Experimental Design and Statistical Analysis
  • Organizational climate and safety culture assessment

Selected Publications

Ciavarelli, A.P. (2016). Integration of Human Factors into Safety and Environmental Management Systems (OTC-27015) Offshore Technology Conference, Houston.

Ciavarelli, A.P., Platte W.L, and Powers, J.J. (2009). Teaching and assessing complex skills in simulation. In, the Proceedings of the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (ITSEC), Orlando.

Ciavarelli, A.P. (2008, February). Culture Counts: How does your organization measure up? Aerospace Safety Magazine. Washington DC: Flight Safety Foundation.

Ciavarelli, A.P (2007, October). Assessing safety climate and organizational risk. Baltimore, MD, HFES 51st Annual Meeting.

Ciavarelli, A.P. (2005, September). Assessing Safety Climate and Culture: From Aviation to Medicine. In, St. Louis University Conference Proceedings on Safety in High-Consequence Industries. St. Louis, Missouri.

Ciavarelli, A.P. (2003). Assessing the quality of online instruction: Integrating instructional quality and web usability evaluations. In, J.E. Wall, G.R. Walz (Eds.). Measuring up: Assessment issues for teachers, counselors, and administrators (p.695-740). Greensboro, NC: ERIC.

Ciavarelli, A.P., (2001, February). Human Factors Checklist: A tool for Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation. Flight Safety Digest. Washington DC: Fight Safety Foundation.

Ciavarelli, A.P. (2005). Development of a safety climate-culture survey for Air Traffic Control (ATC) Organizations. Prepared for FAA ATO Safety Service Office (IOT&E (ATQ).

Ciavarelli, A.P., Sengupta, K., and Baer, W. (1994, December). Night vision goggle training technology Report: Part – Task Simulation Requirements. Monterey, CA: Naval Postgraduate School. Prepared for NAVAIR (PMA-205).

Ciavarelli, A.P., (1986). Instructional strategies for improving training system effectiveness. In, Proceedings of the Human Factors Society. Columbus, OH.

Ciavarelli, A.P., (1982). Methodology to assess in-flight performance of air-to-air combat. In, The 4th Inter-service/Industry Training Equipment Conference. Washington, DC.

Ciavarelli, A.P., (1980). Applications of performance feedback for air combat training (SAE Paper 801182). Society of Automotive Engineers.’’’

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