Tool Types

The primary tools needed are an e-learning authoring tool and an LMS tool to produce and deliver the digital course. An e-learning tool is used to create the learning material of the course and to package the content to the LMS. Meanwhile, the LMS is a software platform used to deliver the learning material to the learners and track their progress. It will be used as a portal for the learners, instructor, and administrators to view and manage the courses.

Recommended secondary tools are a video editor tool, a screen recording tool, and a prototyping tool. A video editor tool is used to edit any tutorial videos that need to be created for the course. Using a video editor helps give better control over specific snippets of video in step-by-step tutorials and create voiceovers. A screen recording tool is required to do video editing. A satisfactory screen recording tool improves the quality and control over screenshots from screen recordings for the video editor. Finally, a prototyping tool is used in the design phase to do modeling.

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