Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)

Increased Quality, Lower Cost & Risk, Improved Systems Performance

Making Complex Systems Intuitive & Effective

Monterey Technologies, Inc. has a decades-long track record developing complex systems that achieve stakeholder objectives by focusing on the user and the data. Our MBSE approach ensures the successful delivery of a system that meets all current and future uses – as efficiently as possible. Best-in-class systems require a development approach that is focused on organizing and presenting complex information in a manner that empowers the end user to deploy data-driven responses quickly, effectively, and intuitively.


Monterey Technologies, Inc. is a leader in Human Factors Engineering and Model-Based Systems Engineering. MTI develops applications that focus on human usability that meets the objectives of complex systems. Our MBSE approach aligns all development efforts along a data-driven trajectory that builds towards a system that meets, as effectively as possible, all current and future requirements.


In a MBSE approach information (specifications, usability, interface design, procedure, reports, and more) in a model or set of models. The use of models formalizes the engineering approach and maintains a focus on the system usability and performance. An MBSE approach results in:

  • Significant improvements in system requirements, architecture, and quality

  • Lower development risk and cost from faster issue identification and resolution

  • Improved product/platform effectiveness and performance

  • Enhanced communication among the development team and stakeholders


(hold for ViPER and/or Wedgetail case studies)


  • Successfully meet the objectives (current and future) of complex systems and processes.

  • Increased communication and understanding among all stakeholders.

  • Drive the development process with a focus on usability and effectiveness.

  • Increase quality by rapidly identifying issues and aligning development towards end goals.

  • Reduce costs

  • Facilitate and verify human factors and system usability.

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