Planning Tutorial

Receive Tasking
A planning team receives a task or mission from their designated commander. This order should communicate the commander’s goals and objectives to the planning team. The planning team then begins the research process.

Perform Research
The planning team researches which resources and personnel are needed to be successful. This includes gathering and analyzing data on these requirements.

Brainstorm/CoA Development
The planning team develops multiple courses of action (CoA) that adequately address the availabilities and constraints uncovered during research. CoAs should be detailed and incorporate all outside aid that is expected to be needed.

CoA Analysis/Assessment
Each CoA should be assessed to identify strengths, weaknesses, etc. These assessments will allow for a more accurate comparison for the decision maker(s).

CoA Comparison & Decision
The team should brief the decision maker(s) on the developed CoAs . This allows all of the plans to be compared and evaluated so that the best can be selected for rehearsal and execution.

Rehearse CoA/Execution
Once the most optimal CoA is selected, the execution team should begin rehearsing execution. This is the time to train the execution team on their responsibilities. Rehearsal will uncover any weaknesses in the plan that may have not been addressed during the assessment. Those issues can be addressed as they are uncovered so they can be amended before real time execution takes place.

Brief Execution Team
The execution team should be briefed on any changes and when the mission/task will take place. After execution, a brief should be held to address any pitfalls and successes.