Planning User Interface

Integrate Services

The ViPER planning environment integrates all services into a single platform where users can collaborate, plan, and execute complex multi-resource operations.


Services can be customized to fit any specific need for your planning environment.

Examples of services can include:

  • Map Background
    • Provide a visualization of all the planning elements
    • Users can manipulate sections of the plan that do not work
  • Map Overlays
    • Provide useful overlays that will impact plans
      • Examples: roads, impact zones, terrain mapping, significant landmarks, etc.
      • Local police stations, fire stations, hospitals, military bases
  • Resource manager/allocation
    • Allows users to visualize available resources and plan optimal distribution
  • Event manager & planning
    • Allows users to develop and plan multiple events
      • Users will be able to collaborate, edit, and comment on plans before executions
      • Users will visualize plan simulations with execution time, weather, and other factors that impact execution
  • Timeline
    • Allow users to see the times when planned events will be executed
      • Enables users to schedule events to happen at the same time
      • Enables users to schedule reoccurring events (every 2 hours, every day, etc)
      • Live ETAs
  • Generate reports
    • Creates a history of events including date, time, resources used, etc.
    • Progress reports through event phases
  • Collaboration capabilities
    • Chat rooms
    • Commenting and marking capabilities during plan development to highlight concerns or improvements
  • Weather
    • Forecasted weather at time of planned events
    • Generate errors when significant weather may impact scheduled events
  • Community Awareness
    • Emergency alerts
    • Resource location information