HASBAT Small Business Showcase

Meet our team and learn how “Human Engineering Wins Wars and Proposals” at SMD Symposium.


HASBAT Small Business Showcase
Tuesday, August 9th, 3PM
VBC East Hall, behind the registration booth

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Technology is a wonderful thing. For warfighters, technology is essential for developing and maintaining a tactical edge. However, technology is only as valuable as it is usable. Overly complicated or confusing technologies can hinder warfighters and make it harder to accomplish their mission.

Human engineering uses systematic, human-centered approaches to ensure that users can not only use new technologies effectively, but that the combination of technology in the hands of warfighters enhances mission accomplishment.  From requirements definition to design to validation to training, human engineering is dedicated to putting effective, mission-oriented, and operator-friendly systems into the hands of those who deserve the very best.  By enhancing system performance, human engineering wins wars.

Human engineering also enhances proposals and project execution. An effective human engineering approach in proposals is a differentiator. Not only is human engineering a DFARs requirement, it also demonstrates commitment to provide a usable, mission-effective system.  Proper application of human engineering early in program development helps identify and avoid requirement and design pitfalls, thereby reducing the risk of cost and time overruns.

Monterey Technologies is an industry leader in human engineering with four decades of proven performance.  Human engineering is a holistic, total-system approach to meeting user and mission needs incorporating:

  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • Human Factors Engineering (HFE)
  • Human-Systems Integration (HSI)
  • Systems Engineering (SE)
  • Software (SW) Development
  • Program Management

We’re proud to support the Space Force, Air Force, Navy, Army, U.K. Royal Navy, Royal Australian Air Force, DOT, and other federal government customers and contractors.

HASBAT Small Business Showcase
Tuesday, August 9th, 3PM
VBC East Hall, behind the registration booth

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Space Force’s Future Operationally Resilient Ground Evolution (FORGE) project is creating an open architecture ground system for the intake, analysis, and exploitation of missile warning data. Key to the FORGE project is the Mission Data Processing Applications Provider (MDPAP), which will provide a suite of interoperable and secure apps for operators. Additionally, MDPAP architecture is designed to expand system capabilities without hindering the mission or compromising security.

At the inception of the MDPAP competitive prototyping process, MTI user experience (UX) designers and human factors engineers (HFE) joined SciTec’s team. MTI personnel employed user research and usability testing from project start, ensuring that system display designs and battlespace visualization concepts met user expectations and task and mission accomplishment requirements. MTI’s work was cited as a key differentiator in the competitive down-select.

MTI’s expanded role under the MDPAP production effort includes:

  • User experience research and design

  • Battlespace visualization

  • Human-system integration and human modeling

  • Safety

  • Training

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