Explore Monterey Technologies, Inc.’s 2-decade span of success with the Royal Australian Air Force’s Wedgetail program. MTI personnel have served key roles in the Wedgetail project onsite in Williamtown (AUS), Seattle (USA), and Oklahoma City (USA).

1990s: Initial Concept and Project Initiation
MTI selected as one of two key subcontractors for the Australian Wedgetail IV&V contract with Ball Aerospace team selected as the above the line contractor.

2000s: Engineering and Development
MTI provides onsite support and subject matter expertise for the Wedgetail program. MTI’s services involved:

  • Writing Wedgetail specifications
  • Proving a Data Links Engineer to the Australian Wedgetail RPT
  • Full time SME / technical support at RAAF Base Williamtown
  • Systems engineering support to the Wedgetail RPT
  • Development and delivery of full mission system training scenarios

2010s: Testing, Verification and Delivery
MTI works to ensure successful delivery of Wedgetail in line with contract specifications. MTI assignments include:

  • Providing all Wedgetail RPT test scheduling
  • Performing HMI Analysis and deliver report on HMI improvements to DSTO
  • Responsibilities for Design Engineer and Project Engineer for Wedgetail Mission System development
  • Role of Test Director for the final acceptance testing prior to E-7 delivery and contract closure
  • Development of HMI Usability and Workload Plan
  • Mission Lead for Wedgetail RPT
  • Facilitation of requirement short-fall remediation efforts between the CoA and Boeing
  • Primary interface between Boeing and the CoA for the first major upgrade program for the E-7
  • Primary US lead for the Wide-Band Integrated SATCOM installation (WICS) on the E-7
  • Serving as the CoA representative to the Boeing facility in Oklahoma City

2020s: Wedgetail Upgrade Projects
As part of the contract renewal in 2021, MTI was assigned additional tasks in preparation for the Phase 6 upgrade program. This phase includes a major upgrade to nearly every mission system including a completely re-designed radar, all new datalink systems, and a comprehensive self-protection capability for the aircraft. The project is expected to take 10 years to complete after contract award in late 2022.

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