A Monterey company has received a massive contract from NASA that could be worth up to $40 million.

Monterey Technologies, Inc., located near Ryan Ranch, beat out Lockheed Martin and other major groups for the deal, which was announced this week. The company’s work will involve research and development of rotorcraft technology to help build airplanes with vertical lift capabilities similar to helicopters, CEO Robert Chamberlain said Tuesday by phone from Utah.

“Conceptually, can you build a 100-person craft that could take off from the top of a building in Washington (D.C.) and fly to the top of a building in downtown Philadelphia?” Chamberlain said.

Chamberlain said its work, for instance, may include research and development of a roughly 100-person tilt rotorcraft in order to ease aircraft congestion. The contract could end up being one of the company’s largest in its 31 years, despite winning nearly $25 million in government contracts since 2001, according to USAspending.gov.

Chamberlain said it is hard to say if this contract will be its biggest ever because it has a long-running contract with the Australian government on a military aircraft project that has netted $15 million so far.

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