Benjamin Schwartz

Director of Human Systems Integration

As Director of Human Engineering, Ben Schwartz brings with him 21 years of tech experience, with the past 12 years focusing primarily on human systems integration for defense systems. His technical areas of expertise include human factors engineering (HFE), user experience (UX), model-based systems engineering (MBSE), agile systems engineering, and business development.

In this role, Ben manages and coordinates Monterey Technologies’ human engineering line of business, while leading a team of subject matter experts (SME), human factors engineers, UX researchers, UI designers, and human-systems integrators.

His love of and passion for human factors began in his early years. While growing up in Florida, Ben was fortunate enough to witness multiple shuttle launches and had the opportunity to attend Space Camp, where he had to consider—for the first time ever—how ordinary activities like eating, personal hygiene, and even just moving around had to be re-engineered for astronauts during their voyages. These formative years taught him a critical lesson in considering the human aspect for every decision.

Throughout his career, he has developed complex systems across the engineering lifecycle, championed human factors awareness, and served as a key contributor to multiple U.S. Army efforts, including Entry Control Point/Integrated Base Defense, Black Hawk Aircrew Trainer Instructor/Operator Station, UH-60 Black Hawk and CH-47 Chinook pilot-vehicle interfaces, and OH-58 Kiowa Warrior Cockpit and Sensor Upgrade Program.

With his broad experience across different customers, domains, and phases of the engineering lifecycle, he remains committed to delivering systems that effectively meet user needs for critical missions. As an advocate for user-centered systems engineering, he ensures that human and mission needs balance the technology-centered approach of traditional system development.

He writes about defense engineering trends and practices at


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