Introduction & ViPER Overview

What is Mission Planning?

Mission planning is the process of the development and analysis of feasible courses of actions (CoAs ), commonly for military operations. The beginning of this process involves a team of planners who research, brainstorm, and analyze multiple CoAs . A thorough review of each plans is conducted and the most optimal CoA is further developed. Plan rehearsal is an important part of this process so that the execution team becomes familiar with their roles and responsibilities. All CoAs must be flexible and able to adapt to environmental and conditional changes. See Planning Tutorial for a more in depth overview.

What is ViPER : Visualization, Planning, Execution, & Review?

Monterey Technologies, Inc. provides mission planning software solutions through the ViPER suite of capabilities. ViPER is an adaptable toolset that enables planners to pull together information from distributed sources, integrate all considerations in a single application, and rapidly transition from sketching to execution.

Fielded ViPER Screenshot

ViPER functions include:

  • Integration of multiple data & information sources
  • Visualization of integrated data
  • Automate planning product generation
  • Provide a collaborative planning environment
  • Reduce or eliminate manual data transcription
  • Ensure portability of planning products across devices and domains
  • Support the entire planning process from tasking through briefing

ViPER Customizable Prototype Screenshot

Current ViPER Fields

ViPER is fielded with the U.S. Navy

ViPER CVW for F/A-18 / Air Wing Strike Planning

  • Efficient planning of missions with consideration for aerial re-fueling
  • Efficient route planning
  • Avoidance of enemy surface-to-air missile sites
  • Delivery of bombs on designated targets
  • Post mission evaluation

ViPER Mission Planning Application (MPA)

  • Integrated with BYG-1 submarine combat system, fielded in APB-13, in use on Navy submarines
    for single ship planning, upgrades fielded in APB 15
  • Visualize all the geographic and time-based constraints and to share information digitally
  • Outputs flowcharts and messages
  • Uses a plans database
  • Helps define routes
  • Performs calculations for tactical decisions
  • Consults weather forecasts
  • Exports data
  • Schedules of events in a small, readable file
  • Prints the plan

ViPER Airborne Planning Environment (APE)

  • Generates a viable Tactical Crossload from user inputs
  • Allows the user to customize the Tactical Crossload
  • Automatically translates the results into other desired formats